In a fit of megalomania, I strongly recommend to you my personal ten commandments, an 87 year successful formula for living the good life. [And boy, have I done just that.]

 1. Laugh at least once every hour (preferably every ten minutes ifpossible).

 2. Eat and drink very well. When possible, be a gourmet: at other    times, a gourmand.

 3. Read at least a book a week (or equivalent magazine or newspaper    coverage).

 4. Make love at least once a week (if possible). [Oh, where are the    snows of yesteryear?]

 5. Express your opinions vociferously.

 6. Make sure those opinions are based on at least a modicum of    knowledge and a plethora of logic.

 7. Don’t try to force others to live your way (except your spouse and    children, who won’t listen anyway). In other words, mind your own   business.

 8. Work hard, but avoid physical exercise.

 9. Travel extensively, so as to broaden your outlook.

 10. Rarely (if ever) vote Republican.

       By sticking to these rules, the Curmudgeon has led a

life which, 100 years ago, a king would have envied.