WOMANIZER "Knowing Wonderful Women"

WOMANIZER “Knowing” Wonderful Women
A Novel Novel

By Marv Rubinstein

This rollicking novel tells the story of an international womanizer and his pursuit of lust and love throughout the world.

“What turns a man into a pursuer of women? If you had known me as a youngster, and someone predicted that I would end up as a womanizer, you would have told him he was crazy. I was a shy boy, particularly with girls. The pattern was more along the lines of a budding intellectual, a top-notch student–in today’s terminology, a “nerd.” In my grammar school years, I was frequently called “Percy,” the name used for sissies at that time. Due to an intense asthmatic condition, baseball and other rigorous sports were out. Reading approximately a book a day was my forté. A future womanizer? You must be nuts. So much for the foresight of even a Harry Truman. The fact is that womanizers are made, not born.”

Randy Rosen is a confirmed womanizer and proud of it. To his thinking, the female sex are much more fun than men, more subtle, more imaginative, and much braver. In fact, he’d rather hang out with a group of women, exploring their liminal and subliminal messages, than sit in a smoky bar with a bunch of guys.

Randy wasn’t always this way. A shy young honor student, he became involved in a torrid teenage affair, one that ended in catastrophic betrayal. When he attended college and later moved to New York City, independent women suddenly surrounded him. Now, Randy has built a successful, international business, allowing him to travel all over the world. And the biggest perk? He gets to meet women. Lots and lots of women.

For over 50 years, Randy pursues love and lust in some of the globe’s most exciting cities: London, Tokyo, Manila, Bangkok and even Tel Aviv. But what happens when age starts to make it a bit more difficult to keep up the chase?

From the sexual antics in exotic bedrooms and boudoirs to the intimacy and trust of deep relationships, Womanizer is a rollicking tale of one man’s adventures pursuing (and being pursued by) women throughout the world. Every page displays this man’s great love and appreciation of you ladies.
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By Dr. E. M. Moskowitz “Elliott Moskowitz” (NY, NY, USA) –

This review is from: TO the RAMPARTS!: Religion vs. Science –The Battle (Paperback)
The author, Marvin Rubinstein, has written an extraordinary book that should interest a broad spectrum of readers due to the timely subject; Religion vs. Science. The book details the historical basis for the present day conflict between religion and science and draws upon fact rather than faith to show how religion has influenced current legislation, education, and culture. The author, although clearly on the side of science, does demonstrate his deep knowledge and respect for all religions and leaves some “wiggle room” for optimistic modernization of religion to conform with beneficial scientific advances consistent with benefitting civilization. Evolution, genetics, stem stell research, and a variety of other timely subjects are covered in various chapters. It is rare to find such an informative book that is also entertaining and at times humorous. To The Ramparts!: Religion vs. Science – The Battle is such a book.


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Anti-Semitism and anti-black prejudice are no longer politically correct. The N-word and expressions such as kike and sheeny are seldom seen in print or heard on the media these days. However, racial and religious prejudice have taken on a new socially-acceptable guise. Obama and Israel are handy substitutes, fair game for expressing color or religious prejudice

          My friend Moe used to be a Democrat. He now plans to vote Republican in upcoming elections. I ask if he approves of Obama’a health plan. “Yes, more or less.” Whether he favors paying unemployment insurance to the jobless for another year. He admits that this would be the decent thing to do and might also help the economy, and he agrees that the banks and brokerage houses need some controls. But, he insists that we now need a good Republican President, Tim Pawlenty for example. “But Moe,” I tell him, “Any Republican President is bound to bring into his administration people like Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann and Sharron Angle.” I quote several of their recent far-out pronouncements and ask, “Do you really want people with these viewpoints, obviously contrary to yours, running our Government?”

       No matter what I say, he remains obdurate. I try unsuccessfully to find out what he really dislikes about Obama. He hems and haws, but the only answer I get is that he thinks that Obama doesn’t really love our Country. I didn’t pursue that for fear that his next statement might be that he wants to see Obama’s birth certificate. His final comment: “I like the Democrats, but I don’t like Obama.” Wow!

       I brooded about our conversation all evening, and could only reach one conclusion. Although he would never admit it, consciously or subconsciously, Moe just doesn’t like or doesn’t trust African-Americans. A light went on in my head. Quite probably, many Americans, who would never publicly admit their prejudices and would hesitate to use anti-racial slurs, just find it easier to express disapproval of Barak Obama. There is an old Yiddish expression about a mother scolding her daughter, using invective she would like to use, but hesitates to use, with her daughter-in-law.

       Thinking about it, I believe that many people in America and elsewhere aim their invective at Israel, when thy really have anti-Semitic feelings. Notice that, when Mel Gibson loses control and vents his anger by making anti-Semitic remarks, he is roundly chastised in many publications and repeatedly in the media. The latest story lasted for several weeks and still comes up on TV. Open anti-Semitism these days is taboo, not kosher, offensive and politically incorrect.

       However, when journalist Helen Thomas recently opined that, “Jews should get the Hell out of Palestine,”, and “go home” to Germany and Poland, her absurd remarks got good commentary in USA Today, but very little coverage in other major newspapers.. The vast majority of Jews in Israel are not immigrants from Germany and Poland. To suggest that they resettle in the sites of the Holocaust shows a horrible lack of sensitivity. More important,Thomas’ advice to them strongly suggests that the Jews are not entitled to a State of their own.

       Thomas has Lebanese roots, but these sentiments are of course shared by numerous individuals and Governments around the world. No matter what Israel does, she is in the wrong. No matter what Hamas and Hezbollah do in attacking Israel, Israel is still in the wrong. The Arab population of Palestine is much greater than it was when Israel was formed, but Israel is still accused of displacing the rightful owners of Arab lands. Criticism of settlements, occupation, blockades, Gaza all are really cover for the idea that Jews seeking a homeland in the Middle East (where their forefathers originated) is somehow illegitimate. Israel is of course not free of blame, but the international attacks on her are primarily emotional and spiteful. In short, they smack more of anti-Semitism, still virulent in many European countries, than they do of carefully thought-out commentary.

       Racism and anti-Semitism are still alive and well in America, Europe and elsewhere, but in a new garb. Using a trite expression which has become popular these days, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

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