WOMANIZER “Knowing Wonderful Women”

WOMANIZER “Knowing” Wonderful Women
A Novel Novel

By Marv Rubinstein

This rollicking novel tells the story of an international womanizer and his pursuit of lust and love throughout the world.

“What turns a man into a pursuer of women? If you had known me as a youngster, and someone predicted that I would end up as a womanizer, you would have told him he was crazy. I was a shy boy, particularly with girls. The pattern was more along the lines of a budding intellectual, a top-notch student–in today’s terminology, a “nerd.” In my grammar school years, I was frequently called “Percy,” the name used for sissies at that time. Due to an intense asthmatic condition, baseball and other rigorous sports were out. Reading approximately a book a day was my forté. A future womanizer? You must be nuts. So much for the foresight of even a Harry Truman. The fact is that womanizers are made, not born.”

Randy Rosen is a confirmed womanizer and proud of it. To his thinking, the female sex are much more fun than men, more subtle, more imaginative, and much braver. In fact, he’d rather hang out with a group of women, exploring their liminal and subliminal messages, than sit in a smoky bar with a bunch of guys.

Randy wasn’t always this way. A shy young honor student, he became involved in a torrid teenage affair, one that ended in catastrophic betrayal. When he attended college and later moved to New York City, independent women suddenly surrounded him. Now, Randy has built a successful, international business, allowing him to travel all over the world. And the biggest perk? He gets to meet women. Lots and lots of women.

For over 50 years, Randy pursues love and lust in some of the globe’s most exciting cities: London, Tokyo, Manila, Bangkok and even Tel Aviv. But what happens when age starts to make it a bit more difficult to keep up the chase?

From the sexual antics in exotic bedrooms and boudoirs to the intimacy and trust of deep relationships, Womanizer is a rollicking tale of one man’s adventures pursuing (and being pursued by) women throughout the world. Every page displays this man’s great love and appreciation of you ladies.
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