By Dr. E. M. Moskowitz “Elliott Moskowitz” (NY, NY, USA) –

This review is from: TO the RAMPARTS!: Religion vs. Science –The Battle (Paperback)
The author, Marvin Rubinstein, has written an extraordinary book that should interest a broad spectrum of readers due to the timely subject; Religion vs. Science. The book details the historical basis for the present day conflict between religion and science and draws upon fact rather than faith to show how religion has influenced current legislation, education, and culture. The author, although clearly on the side of science, does demonstrate his deep knowledge and respect for all religions and leaves some “wiggle room” for optimistic modernization of religion to conform with beneficial scientific advances consistent with benefitting civilization. Evolution, genetics, stem stell research, and a variety of other timely subjects are covered in various chapters. It is rare to find such an informative book that is also entertaining and at times humorous. To The Ramparts!: Religion vs. Science – The Battle is such a book.