Will the Obama stimulus package work? Fact: Nobody knows.


     In spite of their cries of anguish, the Republicans are in the dark.  Fact: They hope it doesn’t work, but they really don’t know if it will work.


     What about Obama and the Democrats? Fact: They don’t know whether it will work either.


     Today’s economic crisis is totally different from many prior recessions or depressions. In spite of the fact that many intelligent minds are working on the problem, they have no precedence to guide them. Fact: The best they can do is to make an educated guess.


     The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that Obama and the Democrats are trying to do something to alleviate the situation. They may not be certain of the results, but at least they have the guts to try.. The Republicans, on the other hand, are either gung-ho for doing nothing or else insisting upon their failing parotlike credo of “lower taxes. lower taxes. lower taxes.” They have tried this for eight years, and look where we are now.


     Fact: Nobody can be sure whether Obama’s stimulus package will work, but at least he deserves the opportunity to attempt a solution.


     Fact: If he succeeds, he will deserves our praise and applause. If he fails, the Republicans will whoop and holler and play the blame game for years. The Nation will cry.


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Dear President Obama:

I’m on your side, but you are making a terrible mistake.  I know that your heart is in the right place trying to create legislation acceptable by both sides, but it just doesn’t work when dealing with today’s Republicans.  No group is more difficult to deal with than those “who know not and know not that they know not.”  Those are today’s Republicans.


In the House, you struggled hard to please the know nots by adding unnecessary tax reductions instead of adding more infrastructure money.  The result:  162 Republicans voting against you and 0 Republicans supporting you.  My Jewish mother had an expression which fully describes your attempt to please or pacify Republicans.  It was “Ghet garnichts helfen!”  Translated, that means that absolutely nothing will help.  A complete strike-out. Totally futile.


Again, I respect your desire to change Washington to a place where reasonable men and women discuss and decide.  But the 162 to 0 vote and the subsequent unified Republican revolt in the Senate should tell you that these Republicans are not reasonable men and women.


Mr. President, I voted for you so you would carry out progressive Democratic programs.  Drop this nonsense about bipartisanship.  Quoting Barney Frank, “I did not vote for a tie.”


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