January 25, 2008

In a recent blog, I claimed that likeability should never be a factor in voting for a candidate.Whether you like the candidate or not is irrelevant. Does he or she substantially agree with you on what steps need to be taken by the Government to improve the lives of Americans? That should be the question that determines your vote.

Some additional recent thoughts on this subject:

I like Mike Huckabee. I like his upbeat personality. I like his sense of humor. He tells it like (he thinks) it is. His language provides a breath of fresh air. While far from perfect, as compared to the rhetoric coming from the present occupant of the White House, it is positively brilliant. Yes, I do like Huckabee.

But, should I vote for him? Do I really want a President who doesn’t believe in evolution? Do I want a President who wants us all to carry guns to protect us from our own Government? Do I want a President who, while elected to carry out the laws of the United States. has clearly stated that he intends to substitute God’s laws (as interpreted by the President)? Do I want a President who will deny my wife and daughter the freedom of choice?

Certainly not. I would have to be crazy to help elect such a candidate. I could never vote for such a person.

Still, I like Mike Huckabee and will continue to like him while I vote for someone else.

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