The author of OLD AGE AIN’T FOR WIMPS, jack-of-all-trades Marv Rubinstein, has led an exciting life —   attorney,  engineer, author,  professor and  business executive. He   was for many years C.E.O. of Selectrons, Ltd., a small but   international company. He was an adjunct Professor at the Monterey   Institute of International Studies, teaching a course called  Quixotic  English dealing with the nooks and crannies of the  American  language.  In his thirties, he spent three years  in  Israel working  for the Ministry of Defense.

Marv has lived in California, London, Tel Aviv and Bangkok. As International Sales Manager of his company, he has spent time in over 70 countries and 49 American states.  His spiritual home and favorite residence is New York City, though he spends winter months in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. He has friends all over the globe.

Since selling his engineering business, Marv has concentrated on   writing eight books covering disparate subjects —  humor;   engineering;  life in early Israel; the American language; a novel   entitled Womanizer; a cook book (with his wife Chie as co-author)   using tea as an ingredient and this book on aging. You will find   humor in all of them.

This author was 86 years old when he started this book. Now 88   verging on 89, he shares with you the experience of growing old,  with  emphasis on doctors, medicine, philosophy and humor galore. If  you  can laugh at old age, you can live with it. He considers  himself  healthy for his age — no high blood pressure; no diabetes;  no  clogged heart arteries; no strokes and no serious cancer.   Still, the  concatenation of minor non-life-threatening ailments do  take their  toll. When he dies and friends ask the cause, his wife  can truthfully  reply, “Nothing serious.”

If you are over 50, you may or may not like this book, but you will   certainly relate to it. For the younger set — what a great gift for   Mom, Dad and grandparents!

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Old Age Ain't For Wimps - Marvin Rubinstein