About Marv

Marvin (Marv) Rubinstein has led a rich and varied existence as an engineer, lawyer and international entrepreneur. Besides these not insignificant achievements, he has found the time to become a highly successful author, having written and published twelve books on a variety of subjects, as well as two engineering books (currently out of print). His most recent books are a Memoir titled “Been there! Done That! Still Here! and a book written by his Dog, Chibi, and dictated to him, titled “Chibi––a Dog in New York.” Other volumes include his best seller, “The American English Compendium” an indispensable reference volume that has sold over 10,000 copies, “Life of a Salesman,” a professional memoir; “To the Ramparts– Religion VS Science–– The Battle;” “Feather in My Yarmulke,” a memoir of his years spent in Israel 60 years ago; “Net-Wit.Com,” a collection of contemporary humor; a cook book written with his wife, Chie Hamaguchi Rubinstein, titled “Now You’re Cookin’ With Tea;” a collection of recipes using various teas as flavoring and his only novel,  “WOMANIZER,” a rollicking tale of one man’s adventures pursuing (and being pursued by) women throughout the world and “Old Age Ain’t for Wimps“. Quantity purchases of Mr. Rubinstein’s books (at a discount) can be placed directly with the author. Autographed copies are also available from him.