I hope I’m wrong. I really like Barack Obama and think he would make a fine president. But I’m rooting for Hillary Clinton, because I don’t believe Obama can win.Lots of people agree, but nobody brings out into the open an unpleasant truth. We hae come a long way in race relations, so far that few will openly say that they won’t vote for an African American. However, when they get into the privacy of a polling booth, I strongly suspect that Many could never get themselves to pull the lever for a black candidate. And I suspect that enough of this could happen to insure the otherwise unexpected victory of George W. McCain. Heaven forbid!

[Not to mention the negative effect of Obama’s continued association with the foul-mouthed Pastor Jeremiah Wright, more or less passed over in the Primary. Believe me, Republicans will not treat this gently in a General Election. The votes of many Americans and of normally Democratic Jewish Americans may well be in jeopardy.]

My opinion on the racial factor was reinforced yesterday, when I had lunch with an old friend. She is not a liberal by any means, but I have never found her to be a bigot. Her comment. “A black New York Governor, a black Secretary of State, and now a black president. It makes me nervous as hell.”This, in the year 2008, from a New Yorker. Transfer that sentiment to the South and the Midwest and multiply it by millions, and it is not hard to imagine the results I fear.

The day for a black President swill come, but I believe it will result from the segueing of a Vice-President into the Presidential office.I may be wrong. I sincerely hope I’m wrong. But before we make a final selection for the Democratic candidate, let us bring this subject out into the light of day and discuss, discuss, discuss.

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