April 5, 2008

Womanizer carries on international tradition for Americabook cover

 NEW YORK (March 31, 2008) Casanova. Don Juan. Lothario. The literary traditions of the world are full of these lusty lovers of the female sex. Now a new novel from an American author continues this tradition.

Womanizer: “Knowing” Wonderful Women tells the story of young Randy Rosen, a shy young student whose first passionate romance ends in heartbreak and betrayal. When he recovers from that crisis, Randy realizes that a world of women awaits, and he sets out to meet and love as many as he can.

From New York to Israel and from London to Manila, Randy travels to develop his thriving international business. Along the way he compiles a lively resume of love and lust with the beautiful women of many nations. Womanizer catalogs Randy’s rollicking sexual adventures through his adult life as he deepens his appreciation for women the world over.

But what happens when the womanizer gets married? How does he negotiate his love for all women in the face of monogamy? And how does the aging Lothario confront the threat of sexual impotence? All secrets are revealed in Womanizer: “Knowing” Wonderful Women.

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