Note: Certain items in daily life — on television, in
the newspapers, on the streets, etc.— annoy the
Hell out of me, a vexation I am certain is shared
by many readers. This is a cry of exasperation about
small but Unnecessary annoyances .

Credit card sales on television all
share one big lie in common. They all
boast bargain prices. “Available now at
the low,low ‘price of $19.95. In stores,
you would normally expect to pay over
$100.00 for this beautiful bracelet. Bulk
television selling enables us to offer it to
you at the unbelievably low price of
$24.50.” “A real bargain at only $29.75”

Fair enough, until you see the small
letters: “Plus $4.50 shipping and handling. ” True
prices for the above items then become
$24.25, $29.00 and $34.25 respectively,
frequently an increase of 10% to 25% over
the low price offered vocally.

This is false and deceptive
advertising, and should be outlawed.
Every item in my clothing or jewelry store
has also been ‘shipped and handled’
before arriving on store shelves, but these
costs are included in the price up front.

Snake oil: sales techniques have no place
on television or in the press.

# # # # # # # # # #