A smorgasbord of e-mail and Internet wit blended with humorous incidents from the author’s wild and wooly life, sure to light up one’s lonely moments and any social gathering.

Author’s Warning: This book should not be read in a single sitting. Uncontrolled paroxysms of laughter can be dangerous to your health. Better to read only two or three sections at a time. A safe suggestion: Keep this book on your coffee table or your bedside night table, and dip in to it from time to time. Or use it to while away a few minutes when you are relaxing in the john, or to while away a few hours on the train or bus or when flying to anywhere by way of Sandusky.

On second thought, perhaps you should not read it while on public transportation. Your howls of laughter will not be appreciated by your fellow travelers. They will think you’re an idiot.

But then again, who cares? Marv’s motto is, “Always leave ’em laughing.”

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