Mea maxima culpa. It has been a long time since I wrote a blog, and the fault is all mine. I have been busy with many things, finishing my latest book Old Age Ain’t for Wimps, finding an agent and a publisher for the book and helping my wife Chie with renovation of our apartment.

The book will be out in the spring, and I highly recommend it to anyone over fifty years of age. You may or may not like it, but you will certainly relate to it. The renovation, thank heavens, is finished.

     Chie and I are now in Maui, the beginning of a 10-week trip in warmer climes to avoid the rigors of New York winters. Since I was raised in Rochester, New York, I should be accustomed to cold, snow and ice, but my bones and I were much younger then. We stay in Maui for three more weeks, then go to my son Jonathan’s place in Mexico for two weeks and finally spend a month in Brazil. We return to New York in mid-March.

      All of the above is an excuse for not keeping up with my blog entries. Beginning today, I shall try to do better. Since I have lots of time during this trip, I shall try to provide more and more of my wandering thoughts, hoping to compensate in part for my recent neglects.

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