Representative  Eric Cantor’s family name comes from an ancestor’s profession. A Cantor is a Jewish official who leads the musical portion of the service. It derives from Latin canere, to sing, the same root. as “chant.” But Eric can’t decide whether he wishes to emphasize can’tor won’t. Or perhaps just “cant,” monotonous talk filled with platitudes.


Eric Cantor is full of contradictions. His wife Diana claims she had never previously met a Jewish Republican. Yes, Virginia, there are Jewish Republicans, but very few poor Jewish Republicans. More contradictions: she supports gay marriage and abortions, both political anathema to him. She is an executive of a bank which received $267,000,000. in bailout money. He voted against the bailout. When Congress attempted  to curb bank executive salaries, he voted “Present.”


Cantor strongly opposes profanity,but his campaign committee doctored a union commercial and re-issued it on You Tube filled with obscenities and curses. He strongly opposes dividing Jerusalem, but politically encourages dividing Washington.


A Cantor is a religious singer, but Eric Cantor’s most popular secular song emphasizes “No, no, a thousand times no; I’d rather die than say yes.”