I doubt if many of you have missed me, but I have been a lazy boy.No blogs for ages and ages.  The truth is that I have been in the middle of a double whammy. 


Chie and I have been involved in renovating our kitchen and living room.[If I ever agree to do this ,again, please shoot me.] Everything has gone wrong. First a lying kitchen-cabinet supplier, who eventually forced me to sue.  I won but, as usual, it was the lawyer who made out.  A new supplier at a higher price, including his installation contractor. A separate contractor to do the demolition on the old cabinets. Then, a battle between the two contractors as to who was at fault for a serious error. Finally, when the new cabinets arrived from Germany, two cabinets were damaged.  They will be replaced at no cost to me, but delay, delay, delay.


To complicate matters, my co-op insisted on our obeying Draconian rules as to what was and was not permitted. This started early in the game, but got worse after my kitchen had been demolished.  We were stopped from further work until we gave in.  I fought this with the Board of Directors and won, but not without further delays. Six weeks without a kitchen.


Now, we are nearly done, but the plumber cannot re-attach the sink until the counter tops are installed, and the counter top people have experienced a delay by the marble supplier. It goes on and on.


I know, I know. Those readers who have gone through renovation will tell me that this is par for the course.  I suppose so. But, between work and frustration, I have neither had the time nor the inclination to write my blogs.


Pretty please, I shall try o do better in the future.


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