Dear Governor Sanford:

       May I call you Mark?  Listen to my advice.  Mark, DO NOT RESIGN!. Resist the pressures of both Democrats and your fellow Republicans. I believe that you have been a good Governor.  That’s all that counts. Your personal life is your personal life.

       Those demanding that you resign should understand. You fell in love. Some may feel that you are a little long in the tooth for such passions. I don’t. Frankly, I believe that you are lucky to experience intense love for your soulmate.It has been a long time since I have felt such strong emotions and, frankly, I am jealous.

       Those pushing for your resignation obviously do not remember the experience of being in love.  Alternatively, their political prerogatives are stronger than their memories or their feelings.Of course, you have done some stupid things, such as being out of state for five days  without informing your Lt. Governor as to where you could be reached in an emergency.   But, in the words of an old song, “When your heart’s on fire, you must realize, smoke gets in your eyes.”

       Thankfully, I am not an opportunistic Democrat longing for your seat.  Nor am I an ardent Republican urging you to stay because I fear that your Lt. Governor Andre Bauer would be a weak candidate who would lose to a Democrat in the next election. 

       Believe it or not, I am an ardent lifelong Democratic liberal, who hates most of the things you stand for.But I have been deeply in love and remember the feelings and their intensity  I understand.  You fell in love. It shows that you are human, and I respect that.Many of your detractors have probably had their own lapses from grace, most likely from lust rather than from love.

       Mark, hang in there. Do not quit. Continue doing a good job as Governor. For your children’s sake, save your marriage, if possible. Six months from now, all this brouhaha and the demands for your resignation will just be a bad memory.

Good luck.

Marv Rubinstein