Just a few questions, Sarah, to determine whether you are a human person or just a zealot.

(1) If you found that your husband or one of your sons had raped your daughter, and she became pregnant, would you consider her having an abortion?

(2) If you could relive the last few years, would you counsel your daughter on birth control, or would you still insist that abstinence is the only way to go?

(3) Since you apparently believe in family values,for a woman with five children –– many of them young and one an infant with Down’s Syndrome requiring special attention –– and a 17 year old pregnant daughter who needs comforting and extra support,do you think it appropriate to take on a job requiring extra long hours and substantial international travel away from home?  If your answer is “Yes. are you really a good mother?    [I know, I know, you are going to ask me if I would ask the same question of a man. Well, Sarah, in spite of many changes, fathers are not mothers.]

(4) Your unmarried daughter’s pregnancy should of course be a private family matter, but you must have known that, if you ran for Vice-President, it wass bound to come out and be spread on every front page in the Country, causing your daughter substantial embarrassment.As a good mother, shouldn’t you have turned down the V.P. offer so as to spare your daughter this humiliation? Is your ego that important?

If your answers are what I expect them to be, then you are simply a more physically attractive version of Phyllis Schiafly.

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