Note: Some of the best jokes have a philosophicalor sociological twist. This is one of my favorites.

During World War II,two men ofthe cloth — substantially different inethnic background and religion andcoming from widely separate parts ofthe country — decided to become MilitaryChaplains. They were promptly assignedto a three-month training school at M.I.T.During that brief time, they became fastfriends.

At the end of the course, each wasassigned to a different theater of war —one to the European and the other to theAsian front. After a send-off banquet ongraduation night, these two friends gottogether for a final cup of coffee — a lastsupper, so to speak.

“Joe,” said one of the clergymento the other, “isn’t it amazing? Here weare, two men of widely varied ethnicbackgrounds, from different regions ofthe Country, and practicing differentfaiths, and during only three months, wehave become such fast friends

“”Amazing,” agreed Sam. “Andnow, each of us has been assigned to adifferent theater of war thousands of milesapart, each of us going out there to serveGod— you in your way and I in HIS.”

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