Perhaps this piece should be called “A Salute to Changing times.”Chie and I recently visited frinds in Maryland and North Carolina, states which I had not been to for many years.My memory of Baltimore was a group of identical row house, where I would never live for fear of trying to find my way home drunk some night.The city has vastly improved with an attractive city center and lovely scenic suburban areas, not to mention Charleston, a really great retaurant.

      The Raleigh Durham are in North Carolina was even more of a pleasant surprise. The daughter of our friend had recently enrolled in the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. This gave us an excuse for wandering around the campus. Perhaps I should not have been surprised, since I read newspapers and listen to newscasts, but seeing is believing. I was pleased and proud to see white and African-American students strolling around the campus in friendly and happy groups. That’s the sway it should be, but I am old enough to remember Governors standing in doorways of southern colleges, threatening to block admission of Black children.
Progress in racial relations is always welcome.

      Icing on the cake. We stayed at the home of our friend in an attractive area of newly built middle class houses. Lo and behold, her next-door neighbor was an interracial couple–a black husband and a white wife. True, North Carolina is not the deep South, but . . . Ain’t progress wonderful?

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